Yoga Instruction


Group classes

Group yoga classes are a great way to begin or continue your yoga practice, while also being a part of an open and supportive community.  Please see my schedule for upcoming group classes at Hometown Yoga and the Wellness Center.

Small group instruction

Invite your family or friends for a personalized yoga class based on your group’s needs and desires.  Whether you are a group of experienced practitioners or brand new to yoga, a small group class is a wonderful way to practice yoga in a warm, intimate environment.   Small group yoga classes can also be a fun activity for special events, such as baby showers or pre-wedding festivities.

One-on-one instruction

You may enjoy one-on-one yoga instruction for a number of reasons  –   you are recovering from an injury and want yoga poses to target that area of concern, you desire hands-on assisting to get deeper into poses, or you know nothing about yoga and want to build your base of knowledge and confidence to start attending group classes.  Whatever the reason, one-on-one yoga instruction will benefit your practice by creating a completely customizable experience for you.

Community work

Looking for a team fundraising event or need auction items for an upcoming special event?  I am always looking for ways to give back to the community.  Please contact me to talk about how we might work together.