What’s with That Nail in Your Head?


This post was originally written for Deborah Williamson’s Wild Abundant Life.  View the original post on WAL, here: http://wildabundantlife.com/2013/08/whats-with-that-nail-in-your-head-by-contributing-blogger-rachel-gerrity/

A few weeks ago, my husband sent me this video.  Pretty funny , right?  And also scarily similar to conversations my husband and I occasionally have – especially now that I’m 8 months pregnant and a ball of hormones.  I know that this video is intended to poke fun at how women want to complain about problems but never want an actual solution.   As the woman in the video says, “You’re always trying to fix things when all I need is for you to listen.”

But outside of the video’s commentary on women’s style of communication (however accurate or inaccurate it may be), it actually highlights a behavior that I think both men and women share:  we agonize over the symptoms of a problem when the problem itself is actually easily solvable. Here was my most recent ‘nail in the head’ moment – As I mentioned, I am now 8 months pregnant, 20+ pounds heavier, living through a brutally hot Georgia summer, and drained of energy most days by 3pm.  But I have maintained my teaching schedule of 12+ yoga classes/week while also keeping up with my other work commitments.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have had 6 moments where I have broken down in tears, called my mom, my husband or anyone else that would listen and said, “I just can’t keep going at this pace.  I am exhausted, I feel sick, and I can’t keep this up.”

After a few phone calls like this to my mom, she finally said – “why don’t you get someone to take a few of your classes each week? “  And after catching my breath and calming down, I realized – why don’t I get someone to take a few of my classes each week?  Yes – I was walking around with a nail in my head.

How many of you are walking around with a nail in your head?  Suffering in silence (or out loud like me) for no apparent reason.  There are many things in life, like major health, professional and relationship problems that unfortunately don’t have an easy fix.  So when you come across a problem that does have a solution – when you have that ‘nail in your head’ – take out the hammer, pliers or whatever you have at hand, yank that nail out, and appreciate the fact that sometimes life is so much simpler than we make it.


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