It’s not a question of if yoga will transform your life but rather what will happen when yoga transforms your life.

When you have more energy and strength, what will you accomplish?

When you act from your heart instead of your head, how will your decision-making change?

When you speak your truth, how will your relationships change?

When you let things go, how free will you feel?

When you stop and listen to yourself, how much will you learn?

Practicing yoga will transform your body, your attitude and how you show up in your life every single day. So the only question left is… what are you waiting for? It’s time to unroll your mat and see how yoga can transform you.
I offer the following services
Yoga Instruction

Attend one of my group yoga classes or schedule a private yoga session for yourself or a small group. The style of yoga I teach is accessible to all, regardless of experience level, body type or age. You will sweat, work hard and see real changes in your body and attitude. Learn More

Yoga for Athletes

Find out why more and more athletes are using yoga as a central part of their training. I have experience working with Division I athletes and welcome the opportunity to work individually with athletes or with teams to provide sport-specific yoga instruction. Learn More

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