What Does a ‘Safe’ Yoga Practice Really Mean?

A few weeks ago, I received a call at 10:30 on a Friday morning letting me know that my house alarm was tripped.   The alarm had gone off two times earlier in the month and both times I rushed home to meet the police only to find that everything was okay.  My cat was terrified […]

Living the Easy Life

A few weeks ago, I visited my brother in Atlanta and he took me to an Ashtanga yoga studio that he had recently found in the city.  The day I attended class was a day of teacher training, so it was one of those amazing classes where there are nearly as many assistants as there […]

Is Self-Promotion a Dirty Word?

Two months ago I had a wonderful website created for my yoga business by a local graphic designer.  I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out but have yet to show it to anyone or even post it on my Facebook page.  I’ve justified this to myself with a number of reasons – I […]

The Power of Full Commitment

Come into your standing split.  Ground down into right leg and lift your left leg straight up into the sky.   Push out through the ball of your left foot and try to touch it to the ceiling.  Now take your right hand and bring it to the back of your calf.  Then, take your left […]

JUST DO IT: Why yoga is the ultimate training for athletes

In the athletic world, athletes and coaches alike strive for every possible advantage over their opponents.  Whether the method is weight-training, diet, practice, or sports psychology, coaches and athletes are continuously searching for ways to enhance performance.  Yoga is increasingly becoming an important part of college and professional athlete development.  Practicing yoga increases flexibility, stamina […]